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Kindness Matters

over 2 years ago

What can each of us do to spread a little kindness Each day?

At Dayton Intermediate School there are several ways our students can show kindness to others!

Students can write a Word of Kindness slip to a peer to encourage or complement them.

Students can write an Attitude of Grattitude sheet to thank a teacher or staff member.


Governor Sandoval and NRS 236.073 have proclaimed October 2 - 6, 2017 to be Nevada's Annual Week of Respect.

Mix it up at Lunch is October 31st.

World Kindness Day is November 13th and we will be participating in Dance for Kindness led by Orly Wabah's organization Life Vest Inside.

Stay tuned for more...

Kindness Boomerang

Orly Wabah, a former middle school teacher, wondered what it would be like if people treated each other with kindness. Would that one act inspire the receipient to an Act of Kindness and thus create a boomerang effect?

The acts in this video are inspired by actual events.

Orly's organization inspires Acts of Kindness every day!!

Kindness is Powerful!

This week's Act of Kindness:

Encourage someone to pursue their dream. Sometimes all we need to believe in ourselves is the knowledge that someone else believes in us. Help someone else take that first step by giving them a push in the right direction.

From: The Daily Kind Newsletter  ~ Life Vest Inside


about 1 year ago

Dayton Intermediate School (DIS) recognizes the importance of extracurricular activities in a young person life. DIS encourages and has opportunities for all students to participate in the athletic programs offered by the school. 6th graders may compete in Cross Country, Wrestling, Track and Field as well as the Academic Olympic team. The 7th and 8th grade students may compete in all the previously mentioned activities as well as Girls Basketball, Boys Basketball and Volleyball. Our Cross Country, Wrestling and Track and Field programs are open to all comers and do not cut participants based on ability level. Due to the typical high number of students trying out for Basketball and Volleyball cuts are a necessary evil and a time that no coach looks forward to.

The goals of any athletic program should include building self-esteem, developing skills, to encourage ALL students to participate, and to develop self-discipline and self-motivation. The athletic department staff work very hard at emphasizing and modeling good sportsmanship as well as the importance of teamwork at all times. Furthermore, students will be challenged to strive for the highest level of excellence as they participate and learn how to compete. Student/Athletes are held to a higher standard and are expected to comply with ALL eligibility guidelines.

In addition to developing skills, being apart of a team and learning how to compete, it is extremely important to the athletic department that each and every student/athlete has a positive and fun learning experience. It is my hope as athletic director that every student, regardless of athletic ability, seizes the opportunity afforded to them and participates in at least one of the extracurricular activities offered at Dayton Intermediate School.

Please register your child to participate in athletics at:


Thank you,
Dusti Houk
Athletic Director

By Dusti Houk

Welcome To Dayton Intermediate School
Welcome to Dayton Intermediate School! I am Mr. Kranjcec and it is my honor to be the Principal at DIS! I graduated from Butte High School in Butte, MT and continued my education at the University of Montana, where I graduated with a BS in Elementary Education. I began my teaching career in 2002 right here at DIS as a 6th grade teacher and spent the next 7 years coaching and teaching at DIS as well as DHS. In 2008, I graduated with my Masters in Education Administration and Supervision from the University of Phoenix. In 2009, I began serving students as an Administrator at Dayton High School for four years. I am extremely proud to be back at DIS and entering my 5th year as your principal!

Our teachers and support staff have continued working extremely hard this summer and are committed and very excited to work with your children during this 2018-2019 school year. I, myself, am extremely excited for the start of the school year as I have seen first hand the improvements that every staff member at DIS has made, from the maintenance and improvements made to the facilities to the personal education our staff has completed to insure that we are ready to meet the needs of your student and increase student achievement for ALL students.

The Mission at DIS is to empower all students to develop academic skills, character, and problem-solving abilities to achieve their highest potential and be college and career ready. In addition, we strive to build positive relationships with students, parents, as well as community members. Lastly and most importantly, we are committed to maintaining a positive and safe learning environment for ALL students.

In closing, WELCOME to Dayton Intermediate School, Home of the Sundevils! I look forward to meeting you as well as working with you to insure your student receives the education they deserve! I hope you are all proud to be a Sundevil!

Proud to be a SUNDEVIL!

Mr. Kranjcec